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Now, Lord our God, deliver us from his hand, so that all the kingdoms of the earth may know that you alone, Lord, are God.

Read the entire passage: 2 Kings 19.14-19


As his powerful army prepares to assault Jerusalem, Assyrian King Sennacherib sends a letter to Hezekiah. This letter ridiculed God as it listed Assyria’s many military victories. It was designed to dishearten Israel and cause them to surrender.

Facing a crushing defeat with no options left, Hezekiah takes the letter to the temple and lays it before the Lord. His simple prayer acknowledges who God is, the problem Hezekiah is facing and his request for God to act.

With the crisis as a catalyst, Hezekiah’s prayer grew out of his love for God and commitment to God’s Word. It was a prayer of faith with the objective being God’s glory.


Hezekiah’s prayer should serve as a model for us when we face a seemingly insurmountable crisis. Today, perhaps as you’re in the middle of such a crisis, read today’s entire passage and use this prayer as you approach God. Start by recognizing who God is, state the problem and then present your request. Like Hezekiah, you’ll deepen your love for God and strengthen your relationship with him.