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Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

Listen: 1 Peter 5


God is actually concerned with the details of our lives and has gone out of his way to show he cares for us. He entered our reality to die in our place (see John 3:16). He bought us back with his blood when we were lost and unable to save ourselves (see Romans 3:23-24). He tells us over and over in his Word how much he loves us (see Jeremiah 31:3). The fact that he wants our fellowship and cares so deeply for us should be our greatest motivation to pray.

The peace we long for often correlates with whether we see God as a magic genie who gives us our desires—or who he has shown himself to be.

Soon we will celebrate the birth of Jesus who in his very first moments experienced the impact of our fallen world as he was born in a stable, to an unwed mother, in a hostile political environment and with a Jewish king who intended to kill him. God’s very entrance into our reality gives testimony to how much he cares for us.


Finding peace comes from praying to God over and over. From trusting him for who he is and the gifts he gives us that flow from his very being. Take some time today to look back through the things you have written in the “Thankfulness Challenge” in this series. Write down three things you are thankful for that flow from God’s being. Continue to pray through a thankful heart in your daily routine.

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