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Asa did what was right and good in the eyes of the Lord.

Read the entire passage: 2 Chronicles 14.2-6


Asa inherited a country and throne rife with challenges. His father before him had complicated matters with his fourteen wives, 38 kids and seemingly endless military conflict with the northern kingdom of Israel (2 Chronicles 13.21). Yet, in the midst of this chaos, Asa did right in the eyes of the Lord. He cleansed the land of foreign deities, rebuilt the sacred places, and called Judah to surrender to God’s rule. God blessed Asa with military victory and peace. However, in his later years, Asa derailed his faith and failed to trust God.  He forgot that starting strong doesn’t guarantee finishing strong.

With the advantage of viewing Asa’s whole life, we can see he started out great. But in the end, he trusted in his own plan—not God’s. This is a powerful reminder for us. This week we’ll look at four practices that can help us emulate Asa’s faithful years and avoid living-out his rebellious ones.


Living in dependence on God is central to experiencing God’s life in our life. This requires daily approaching God with humility and surrender.  Today, offer a prayer of dependence to God. Pray something like this, “Heavenly Father, everything good comes from your hand. You provide every breath I take. I need you and desire to live in a way that makes you happy. Please guide and teach my heart to do right and good in your eyes.”