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Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds. James 1:2

Read: James 1:2
Listen: James 1


James’s readers face persecution and have left their homeland. They know a thing or two about hardship and suffering. Yet, James reminds his readers that trials are normal. In fact, when facing a trial, believers can be confident that God is mightily at work. So, James counsels his readers to “Consider it pure joy,” whenever they face trials (James 1:2).

We will face trials throughout our lives. A helpful discipline for us to develop is to slow down and assess our thinking whenever they come. We can either 1) remember that trials are normal and God is always good or 2) we can doubt God’s goodness and be surprised by trials. This does not mean that we need to invite or even go looking for them, but it does mean that when trials come, we can welcome them as a means for our mighty and gracious God to shape our character to look more like Jesus.

There are all kinds of trials in life—some smaller and others monumental. Regardless of the scope of the trial, basic truths remain the same: God is good and trials are normal. This might be a good anthem to repeat anytime we face an unexpected or especially bothersome trial. No matter the hardship, “God is good and trials are normal.”

TODAY: One way to remain grounded during trials is to call Scripture to mind. Memorize James 1:2-3. Write it on a notecard or in your mobile device and review it throughout the day. When life gets hard, use this passage to remind yourself that “God is good and trials are normal.”


Read Luke 11. Highlight anything that refers to the Old Testament and how Jesus fulfills it. Look up any Old Testament cross references included in this chapter.

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