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Text: Matthew 6.9-13

It may look like being a Christian is only meant to get us from this life to the next. The “in-between time” can seem meaningless. But faith in God has everything to do with our lives in the here and now, not just something that will only matter to us when we die. Every life is full of potential in the “in-between time.”

From the beginning of time, God created people to be in a meaningful relationship with him. At the first creation God invited Adam and Eve to partner with him to move creation forward. God is still extending the invitation to his people to join him in the on-going restoration of the world, so that his “kingdom come and [his] will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6.10).


Every day God is inviting us to partner with him in bringing his Kingdom to earth. As we trust him his Holy Spirit uses our obedience to draw others to himself. As you open your heart and welcome God into your day, read the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6.9-13. Rewrite it in your own words as you prayerfully consider your role today in bringing others to peace with God.