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Instead, you ought to say, “If it is the Lord’s will, we will live and do this or that.” James 4:15

Read: James 4:13-15
Listen: James 4


Before specifically addressing the topic of money, James speaks to the issue of work and one’s view of God. Apparently, some of James’s readers were separating their view of God (and their walk with him) from their daily work. James reminds these readers that God is sovereign. He rules over all things, including all of one’s daily activities and labors. Rather than boasting about going here or there, believers are to live with the humble recognition that we breathe and move only by the will of God.

The antidote to such a self-reliant life is to invite Jesus into everything we do. God cares about all our happenings, including our work, family life and community engagement. We must be careful about a “spiritual” and “secular” division in our thinking. All of life is lived before God, so all of life matters. Our “spiritual life” includes work, play, eating and everything in between. As a result, rather than putting Jesus into only a small portion of life (such as during a “daily chair time”), invite him into every part of the day.

TODAY: Invite Jesus into every meeting, conversation and activity today. If you have a business meeting, go with a prayerful awareness of God’s presence. As you spend, give, or save money, ask Jesus for wisdom to manage the money he has entrusted to your care. As you spend time with coworkers, classmates, family or peers, do so with a prayerful posture of loving and serving them as best you can.


Read Genesis 41-43. Highlight anything that points to Jesus. Note how Joseph provides for his brothers before they even know who he is.

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