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Text: Luke 19.28-38

“Humility is the noble ability to hold your powers for the good of others, not for personal gain.” -John Dickson, Humilitas.


Jesus’ final approach to Jerusalem is called the “Triumphal Entry.” Riding a donkey toward the city gates, with scores of followers gathered around him crying out (Luke 19.38), Jesus makes his royal approach. Many believe he‘s about to inaugurate his new kingdom (he is, but much differently than they expect)!

In contrast, a Roman general would’ve approached the city on a white horse (not a donkey), followed by soldiers in full military regalia with banners lifted high.

But not Jesus.

In John 13.1-17 at the Last Supper, Jesus—the King above all Kings—dons a servant’s robe, kneels before his disciples, and washes their feet. Just hours later he would walk the Via Delarosa, the path of suffering, to bear our cross. In the same way, we’re to hold our strength in the service of others.

Today, write down two or three “strengths” you think God’s given you and consider how you can use those gifts to serve someone else. Set a deadline of this coming Sunday to complete this service.