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But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth.

Read the entire passage: John 16:13-14


An important role of the Holy Spirit is to serve as our Guide. Jesus’ promise in this verse is that the Spirit would guide them “into all truth.” While this primarily referred to the writers of the New Testament, it also extends to us as he instructs and teaches us from the Bible. This means that diligent study of the Scriptures is essential. God will never direct us to do something that is contrary to his Word.

While we can be experts at rationalizing our behavior as something “God told me,” he never tells us to do something he forbids in his Word. This means we can never say, “I feel like God is saying it is okay for us to move in together.” Or, “I feel like God is telling me it’s fine to spend a little more than I make.” The Spirit’s guidance is always in harmony with his Word and should involve—in big decisions—the collective wisdom of his followers.


Today, recommit to the diligent study of God’s Word. The Spirit uses it as he guides us. Second, where do you need to harmonize rather than rationalize? Confess any areas of rationalization to God and seek the wisdom of a mature, trusted follower of Jesus as you begin to harmonize.

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