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Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance. Romans 5:3

Read: Romans 5:1-11

Listen: Romans 5


The Israelites find themselves in a barren desert. They fled slavery in Egypt and are being forged into a nation as they journey across the wilderness. This journey is “trust school.” It is that space where they are entirely dependent upon God’s provision, and God is providing. He provides them with safety, food and water. The desert is barren, but it is also fertile ground for spiritual growth. What they experience will transform their lives, either positively or negatively, depending on how they respond.

It is easy to feel like we are in a barren space today. Experts tell us we will be feeling the impact of our current situation for years. Like the Israelites, we find ourselves in “trust school.” Watch this video clip below as Pastor Jeff tells us that this experience will transform our lives, positively or negatively, depending on how we respond. We can intentionally partner with God to trust him more, or we can let our circumstances wield significant control over our life. Our hearts, minds and relationships can grow if we continually engage God and each other in the right way.


Reflect on where you want to partner with God to grow in this season intentionally. Perhaps you find yourself lacking patience. Maybe worry has reared its head in your life, or complaint has become commonplace. Acknowledge it and confess it to God. Ask him to help you trust him more in that area. Consider what simple, tangible steps you can take to start moving in the right direction. Reach out to a spiritually mature friend or your small group to share your desire to grow.

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