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Numbers 11.16-17

When we’re stuck in the Land Between with no help in sight, it can seem like God doesn’t care. That’s why Moses had his meltdown (Numbers 11.10-15). He felt like a mother carrying the burden of ungrateful babies who kept crying out for meat (instead of manna).

But God loves to provide what we need.

The Land Between is fertile ground for God’s provision. He wants us to open our hands and trust he will provide during hard times. It may not be the way we expect: maybe through a well-timed Bible lesson, kind words from a friend, or just the strength to get through.

God responds to Moses’ meltdown by providing not one, but seventy leaders whom God fills with his Holy Spirit to help bear the burden of the complaining Israelites.

Likewise, when Elijah melts down in 1 Kings 19, God lets him rest, and even bakes bread to raise his spirits and give him strength. Instead of a lecture, God understandingly and graciously provides for Moses and Elijah when they’re at their lowest.

Today as you as spend time in the Chair, thank God for the times he’s provided for you in ways you couldn’t imagine. Share with your Circle or a close friend the unexpected ways he’s responded to your needs when you’ve been in a hard place.