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Numbers 11.31-35

There’s a difference between the Israelites’ constant complaining and Moses’ meltdown in Numbers 11. While God miraculously provided manna every day—in a desert where food won’t grow—the Israelites didn’t like the continual taste of manna and would rather return to slavery and savory meat. Moses is worn out from all the complaining and has an emotional meltdown.

The Israelites reject God, out of greed. Moses comes to God, out of need.

When we embrace a spirit of complaint that says, “I was better off without you, God,” it’s fertile ground for his discipline, and it can be rough. God gives Israel so much meat they vomit it out their noses (Numbers 11.19-20). And when they first eat the meat, those who were greedy were struck with a plague.

God’s discipline is always for a redemptive purpose. He wants Israel to understand they need to trust him, Creator God, and not desire the powerless idols of Egypt.

It’s naïve to think we’re immune from God’s corrective hand, because a good father disciplines his children to do what’s right. Maybe God is trying to get your attention to do what is right.

Today, as you meet with him, confess to God any anger you have toward him because of unmet expectations. Then accept the forgiveness you have through Jesus, and ask him to help “lead you in the way everlasting” (Psalm 139.23-24).