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2 Corinthians 9.6-15

Part of being content and trusting God is entering into God’s cycle of care. God invites us into this cycle of care where we give (to the church, to friends in need, to help the less fortunate, to missions) and God provides. We look after God’s interests and he looks after ours.

Most Jesus followers don’t tell God “no” about generosity, but use a more lethal word: later. It is lethal because we actually mean it. We intend to give later when we can better afford it. But those who say “later” often wake up and find that for three decades “later” has meant one thing: no.

The challenge is to start somewhere and to start now. We cannot let the fear of tomorrow cripple the generosity of today.

The generous life always trusts God, because when we give money away, it isn’t ours anymore.

Today as you think about generosity and trusting God, ask yourself if you are saying “yes” or “later” to being generous and entering into God’s cycle of care. Spend some time talking to God about trusting him while asking him to reveal areas in which you need to be generous.