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Nehemiah 4.14-15

Nehemiah thinks it’s about to get real. He’s stationed people for a fight. This is his “Braveheart” moment and he reminds the people of two important things. First, they should remember God is great and awesome. Second, he tells them to “fight for your families, your sons and your daughters, your wives and your homes” (v. 14).

This is so important because we can defend ourselves by simply crawling into a hole and hiding. We’re often at our most courageous and responsible when fighting for someone else. We’re often at our most cowardly and irresponsible when fighting for nothing more than ourselves and our own happiness.

When we see other individuals as affected by our actions, reactions, and overreactions, suddenly we realize we’re fighting for people other than ourselves. As we fight for others, we move from victim to rescuer.

Today, consider your motivation for rebuilding. It can’t be only for yourself. If you fail, hide, or run others suffer. We need to fight for someone else. Develop a plan of action with someone else as the motivation. Fight for your spouse, your kids, a friend, a parent.