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I can do all this through him who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13

Listen: Philippians 4


Today’s Scripture is one of the most misquoted in the Bible.  Often whispered before final exams or by sports’ superstars, this verse doesn’t actually speak to accomplishment at all.  When Paul says, “I can do all this through Christ,” he is talking about remaining content and grounded in Christ regardless of his current season of trial or blessing. He is talking about the power to be fully alive to God and others—regardless of the circumstances.

Dependence upon God is the lynchpin of true power. God is with us through the difficult trials and through the seasons of blessings.  Jesus’ presence with us through every season gives us strength to experience his joy in our lives.

The truth is—we walk through really tough situations. Family members pass away unexpectedly, cancer is found, we lose a job in a company down-size or something else. It can be equally difficult to stay grounded in seasons of blessings where nice cars and a new home are on the horizon. But our strength to endure any of these situations with contentment and joy is found in our focus on God’s goodness and generosity.


On a 3×5 card or in your mobile device, write out the phrase, “I can do _________, with Christ who strengthens me.” Before you fill in the blank, consider what has the greatest power to derail your contentment in this season of life. Then fill in the blank and place it somewhere visible that will encourage you to trust God through it all.

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