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So Solomon did evil in the eyes of the Lord; he did not follow the Lord completely, as David his father had done…  

Read the entire passage: 1 Kings 11.1-6


God told the kings to “not take many wives.” While kings in the ancient near east took wives for pleasure, they primarily took foreign wives to forge political alliances. God said not to do this because “his heart will be led astray.” God knew the foreign wives would bring their foreign gods with them. He knew this would lead to compromise.

As Pastor Bob King shared, the insidious nature of compromise is that it feels like obedience. Solomon had numerous wives from different countries. While he didn’t let them build altars to their gods in the city proper, he did allow them outside the city. Solomon likely didn’t feel like he was turning to other gods. In reality, his compromise had a devastating impact on his own heart and the future of Israel.

Compromise always costs us something. But we might not know the cost up front. We’re prone to compromise because it always seems like there’s a good reason to do it. We compromise the truth at work to close a deal. Or compromise sexually because we really want the person to stay with us. While the culture constantly pulls us toward compromise, God tells us to trust him instead.


Compromise can be like a sled sitting on the top of a snowy hill. It takes a few scooches to get going but it picks up speed quickly once it starts. When you begin to compromise in one area of your life, it is easier to compromise in other areas. Today, ask God to reveal an area of compromise in your life and talk to a trusted spiritually mature friend about it this week.