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You have lived on earth in luxury and self-indulgence. You have fattened yourselves in the day of slaughter. James 5:5

Read: James 5:5
Listen: James 5


James’s readers are living in “luxury and self-indulgence” while hoarding money that rightfully belonged to their workers. The problem is not their wealth but how they acquired it through unjust means and used their wealth for a self-absorbed lifestyle. They fail to remember God and the coming day of judgment. They turn money and possessions into idols. The remedy is to develop a biblical view of money.

Living biblically with money implies saying both “yes” and “no.” We must say “no” to many of the lures of our culture to have the financial margin to say “yes” to God’s priorities for us. Continually buying more and more thwarts our ability to live contentedly and give generously. Rather, we are to live a disciplined life of saying no to excess or “luxury and self-indulgence” while saying “yes” to generous living—which is the life of leveraging wealth for the honor of God and the good of others.

TODAY: Biblical practices reorient your heart around money. There are three key practices to engage. (1) Give God thanks for the good gifts he has blessed you with. All good gifts come from his hand (James 1:17). (2) Choose something to say “no” to today. Maybe it is an unnecessary Amazon purchase or a cup of coffee at a coffee shop. (3) Say “yes” to contentment and generous living by taking a step toward greater generosity. Maybe it is giving to a friend or neighbor in need or increasing your contribution to a worthy cause. In all, practice gratitude, and say “no” to excess while saying “yes” to the life of generosity God calls us to.


Read Genesis 49-50. Highlight anything that points to Jesus. Note how Joseph points to how God can turn such evil and use it for good and salvation.

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