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Matthew 13.14-15

We have the opportunity, on a daily basis, to choose if we’re going to respond to God’s leading in our life. We choose to pay attention and obey or to ignore and disobey. It’s not complicated. It’s the same choice the people who heard Jesus speak these words had—respond or not. Most, apparently, were spiritually unresponsive: “…never understanding…never perceiving…calloused hearts…hardly hearing…closed eyes” (Matthew 13.14-15).

Every weekend we hear the Scriptures taught, experience powerful, heartfelt worship, our children enjoy DV and Lifeline, and we attend a small group. But the danger is that we can do all of this with a calloused heart. We’re participating, but we don’t allow God’s truth to sink deep in our hearts to the point where we’re changed. We choose to ignore.

Today, as your workweek comes to a close and you look forward to another weekend service at Ada Bible, begin now to prepare your heart for what you’ll see, hear, and experience. Pray for an open and a willing heart, one that chooses to follow in obedience to Christ and his Word.