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Text: Jeremiah 2.13

In ancient Middle-Eastern culture, obtaining drinkable water was a major point of concern. In the desert there were two ways of obtaining water: a fresh water spring, or a cistern—a hollowed-out rock to catch the rain. In Jeremiah 2.13, God accuses his people of two sins: forsaking him (the spring of living water) and pursuing other gods (digging broken cisterns). This imagery is powerful!
God offers himself as an unending spring to satisfy our longings. Unfortunately, we often pursue other methods we think will satisfy—pursuits that can never hold water.We find: security in unhealthy relationships; comfort from pain in pornography or alcohol; a sense of significance in a robust bank account or by climbing the corporate ladder. Jesus’ message for us is: “I alone will satisfy you!”

While many of the pursuits we engage in aren’t intrinsically bad, they’re horrible task masters. If we serve them in order to satisfy some deeper desire, we’ll always be left wanting.

As you start your day, memorize Jeremiah 2.13. Then, as you discover what longings are directing your decisions, ask God to be your Spring of Living Water as you let go of your broken cisterns.