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Text: Luke 20.1-8

Jesus spent a great deal of time teaching in the Temple and the surrounding area. His teaching was unlike anything many of the people had ever heard. Rather than spending his time quoting what other teachers had said, he challenged his listeners with new thoughts as he taught with absolute authority. This, of course, created a problem among the teachers and religious leaders: Jesus was on their turf teaching their people, making them look bad and threatening to upset everything they’d established.

Nobody likes it when other people step onto their turf and tell their people what to do. But this is exactly what Jesus came to the earth to do—change the way we think, feel, and live. Jesus’ vision for our life is different from ours; there are things he wants to “tip over” and things he wants to “throw out.”

Today, take time with your small group, a trusted friend, or your family and discuss this week’s One Big Question . . . What barriers are keeping you from giving Jesus full authority in your life?