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Text: Luke 21.9-19

In Luke 21 Jesus gives his disciples a “heads up” on some frightening events to come: destruction, wars, tumult, and earthquakes. In the midst of this prophesy, he tells them to “make up your mind” beforehand not to worry (Luke 21.14). While we’re usually encouraged to not worry in the midst of suffering, here Jesus tells us to make up our minds ahead of time not to worry.

Jesus is telling us to decide now, before bad things happen, so we’re ready for the trials that are sure to come. We prepare by strengthening our faith and trusting in Jesus, who is with us in our difficulties, using them to make us like him.

One of the ways we can strengthen our faith is by learning God’s Word and taking to heart what he promises. As you lift your heart to God today, write out and memorize Matthew 6.33-34. Call these verses to mind when you find yourself beginning to worry or starting to feel anxious.