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Text: Luke 4.14-30

Anticipating a time when Old Testament prophecies would be fulfilled, the Jews in Nazareth faithfully read Scripture in the synagogue which spoke of God’s promise to send a Rescuer. But when Jesus stood up to read from Isaiah, everyone looked around in shock and amazement:  to think Jesus, the boy they watched grow as a normal kid, could be the Messiah must have sounded absurd!

Instead of humbly learning from Jesus, those in the synagogue thought they knew better. Being well educated, they thought they knew what to look for in a Rescuer. But their ideas actually blinded them, leaving them angry and confused and unable to discern their pride from the truth.

Jesus continued to push their false expectations as he boldly spoke about grace extending beyond the boundaries of Israel to THEM: to the poor, the prisoners, the blind, the widow from Sidon, and the leper from Syria. In their arrogance, they led Jesus to the cliff.

Be careful: your ideas about God may be blinding you! The God you’re looking for might not be the God you’ll find. You may be growing too familiar with the Jesus you think you already know. Like the Jews in Nazareth, you can’t create or define the Rescuer who comes to you. You must simply accept him as he is.

As you welcome God into your day, reread Luke 4.14-30 and praise Jesus for who he is and not for who you want him to be.