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God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble. Philippians 4:6

Listen: Philippians 2


Many scholars believe the words of Philippians 2:5–11 were set to music. Perhaps, Paul knew that songs intricately tie things together in our memory. Songs help us remember things we’ve learned (think the ABCs in rhythmic cadence) and take us back to special times and places. We live so much of our life with our personal soundtrack. Maybe this is why many scholars believe that Philippians 2:5–11 is a song. It was to be remembered.

This critical teaching was formed into song lyrics because Paul wanted the Philippians to remember it. By connecting it to a familiar tune, they’d be able to play it in their brain as they engaged challenging people or circumstances. It was to be running through their mind as they walked through life. A song makes this easy. Rather than barking, shaming or guilting the Philippians into proper behavior, Paul invites them to consider the radically selfless sacrifice of Jesus. The arrival and example of Jesus should be enough inspiration for the Philippians in their relationships to one another. For them, it was motivation to set aside selfish ambition, conceit and pride.

Senior Pastor Jeff Manion highlights extremely important teaching on how the remarkable song of Philippians 2:5–11 can help us reflect God’s heart for humility. The clip below reminds us that God shows favor and blessing on the humble wherever he chooses and in his timing. We learn that God is very interested in looking out for us while we look out for others.


Take a moment to listen to “Thank You Jesus” by Hillsong. Use this song to continually remind you of the humility of Christ who “made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness.” (Philippians 2:7)

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