2020-2021 Annual Ballot

2020-2021 Annual Ballot



Dear Ada Bible Church Family,

I hope that this note finds you well and thriving in this strange season. These weeks have provided wonderful opportunities for the people of Ada Bible Church to serve each other, to invest in our community and to remain connected online.

While grateful for our online opportunities, we are really looking forward to the time when we can gather again and enjoy each other’s company face-to-face. We miss being together.

Each year at this time, we send a brief report to our members asking them to affirm our budget and those nominated for Elder or Deacon. Putting a budget together for our upcoming ministry year has been a real challenge. We don’t want to assume that this will be a typical year, but we also don’t want to assume that our giving will experience a radical drop.

What seemed wise was to recommend a modest decrease, an 11% reduction, from last year. We will carefully track our giving trends and then modify our spending plan if needed. We are confident that our gracious Father will provide all that we need to complete the work we are called to do.

I see this season as one of great opportunity and ask that our Lord continues to open doors as we serve each other and our world.

With Gratitude,


2020-2021 Annual Ballot

Jeff Manion

Senior Pastor

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