Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you… Matthew 28.19-20

Our Vision

To see disciples of Jesus Christ raised up among the unreached, unevangelized, poor and oppressed people of our world through partnerships focused on establishing and nurturing the local church.

Mission Values

We believe we can accomplish most where the need is greatest. Though “need” can be defined in many ways, we believe that the best use of our resources is toward those who have not had an opportunity to hear the Good News and toward those who are poor or unable to care for themselves. Ministry is a delicate balance and while we recognize that it is difficult to give equal standing to each, Ada Bible requests that the ministries we support demonstrate how their effective use of resources (financial or otherwise) aligns with our values.

Our values related to missions are:

  • Intentionality - everything ought to have a stated purpose.
  • Scripture - everything ought to be based on the wisdom and direction of God as found in the Bible.
  • Community - ministry happens best in the context of healthy relationships and that environment must be fostered.
  • Multiplication - so that our lives will be used by others, and their lives by others still; ie., we seek to invest in leaders who will invest in leaders to multiply the work of God.
  • Local Leadership – to aid or grow local ministry leaders who are recognized as reputable in their own culture and to assure a connection to a local body of believers.
  • Service - as God has uniquely designed each of us to serve best using certain individual gifts, skills and abilities, those opportunities are used and good training is given.
  • Stewardship - shown that they use people’s time and resources prudently and effectively.
  • Compassion - that the “whole” person (not only spiritual, emotional, economic or physical, etc.) is being cared for.
  • Partnership - synergy with another part of Christ’s body, for mutual growth and joy in blessing of giving and receiving (people and resources), in love for each other.


Sermon Series

Sermon Series

At Ada Bible Church we group weekly teachings into a set called a Sermon Series.  Each weekly sermon is posted in video and audio format online, along with supplemental materials to help you grow.  Check it out!

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Next Steps

Next Steps

What we do at Ada Bible goes far beyond the weekend experience. We encourage you to take a step forward and get plugged in with our community. Find out more about how we can help you along your faith journey by clicking the link below.

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