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Each baptism is a story about how God is working in somebody’s life.

We are baptized as an outward expression of an inward change that takes place in our lives after we place our faith and trust in Christ.

Lowering into the water symbolizes dying to our old life without God. We are then raised to a new life to live like the Christ.

Are YOU ready to take your next step to be baptized? Tap START A CONVERSATION.

Financial Peace

What are you waiting for? Learn to master your budget, save for emergencies, pay off debt, plan and invest for the future so you can finally live and give like no one else.

Thursdays starting October 13
7–9 PM
East Paris Campus

Leave behind your financial insecurity. Go into 2023 with new confidence + a plan.

Don’t delay. Sign up today!

Help | Emotions + More

All of us at some time need a little help. And no matter what you may be going through or feeling—know you are not alone. God loves you very much, and so do we.

Whether you need prayer, meals, financial assistance or someone to talk to—click I NEED HELP below to fill out a few details so we can connect you to help for positive change.

Women | Thrive Gathering

As women—we wear a lot of hats. We might be sister, friend, coworker, mom, boss AND so much more. But God tells us time and again where to find our real identity.

Join other women for dessert + a special message by Guest Speaker, Author and Pastor Ericka Williams as she speaks into finding our identity in Jesus.

Stop spinning with all the things expected of you and find rest in who you are really meant to be. Register today for THRIVE GATHERING at your campus!

October 20
7–8:30 PM
doors open at 6:30 pm for dessert
all campuses

WE NEED YOU. We need women to help serve at this event. Click SERVE below to sign up!

Young Adults | UNION

UNION is our ministry for people in their 20s to have intentional conversations as they get in touch with the life God has for them.

No gate-keeping here. We make getting connected with UNION as easy as possible.

1. OPEN THE DOOR. Whether that’s the door of the church, your car or your heart. Just be willing to step in and check out one of our Tuesday Nights or a UNION small group.

2. COME ON IN. Get welcomed in, grab a snack or cup of coffee, and take a seat at a table filled with people you can relate to.

3. LIVE CONNECTED. We prep the room, but the life-changing part happens when you meet new friends and really get to know the God who made you.

UNION is every Tuesday at 7 PM at The Warehouse.