Serve Others

Serve Others


Each baptism is a story about how God is working in somebody’s life.

We are baptized as an outward expression of an inward change that takes place in our lives after we place our faith and trust in Christ.

Lowering into the water symbolizes dying to our old life without God. We are then raised to a new life to live like the Christ.

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Blended Families Group

Getting remarried is an exciting time with so many things to plan. But just as important as wedding details and moving schedules—just how do you merge your two families with kids?

Join us for six weeks to learn several secrets about developing successful blended families with kids. Some topics we’ll explore are perceptions of blended families, ways NOT to blend families as well as how to COOK a stepfamily, barriers to integrating families well, understanding co-parenting better and how to support each other in this new marriage.

Whether you’re getting ready to remarry, been remarried a short while or even longer— be led by leaders who are a blended family themselves—and join other couples in your situation to learn how to blend your family into something better.

Thursdays starting October 6
7 pm
Cascade Campus

Master Your Money

What are you waiting for? Learn to master your budget, save for emergencies, pay off debt, plan and invest for the future so you can finally live and give like no one else.

Thursdays starting October 13
7–9 PM
East Paris Campus

Leave behind your financial insecurity. Go into 2023 with new confidence + a plan.

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