Serve Others

Serve Others

Ada Bible Membership

Membership is more than calling Ada Bible your home church.

Membership lets us formally align with what our church believes and how we strive to carry out God’s mission.

Attend a 1-hour class to learn more about Ada Bible Church membership. Tap MEMBERSHIP CLASS below to sign up at your campus!

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Marriage today can feel crazy, chaotic and challenging. Finding the right resources to help can be mind-boggling!

That’s why we’re hosting DOING MARRIAGE BETTER, a two-hour time to have fun and discover valuable hacks to improve your marriage!

A Date Night with Ted Lowe
October 6 from 7–9 PM
Cascade Campus or Online

Stop letting life just happen. SIGNUP TODAY to learn the tools for A LIFE-GIVING, HEALTHY MARRIAGE God desires for you and your spouse. It might just be the best thing you do together.

Small groups will be forming from this session.

Join a Group + Lead

No matter where you are in your spiritual journey—our small groups are a space to ask questions and grow in your faith.

Groups start in September.

  • COUPLES Grow together—it might just be the best thing on your schedule.
  • SINGLES 35+ Find life-giving community with a SINGLE purpose in mind.
  • WOMEN | THRIVE Discover your community to belong + a place to thrive.
  • MEN Experience strength in community + depth in your spiritual life.
  • YOUNG ADULTS | UNION Get in touch with the life God wants for you through intentional conversations with other 20-somethings.

Don’t wait for your schedule to free up. Create a space for spiritual growth and JOIN A GROUP today!


BE A LEADER. Perhaps God has uniquely crafted you to be a small group leader.

We’ve seen small groups and leaders make a big difference in people’s lives. (1) People are growing and deepening their relationships with God. (2) They are walking through challenging seasons and tough faith questions together. (3) Relationships strengthen and restore with the support and prayers of their circle. (4) And so much more. God does some of his best work in small groups.

Let’s start a conversation to see if leading is right for you. Text us and someone will get back with you.