Thrive Food Team

Women Volunteers

thrive Food Team

The food team is responsible for preparing & serving food at the direction of a kitchen leader. Coffee & drinks are prepared and served for events as well. Buffet tables will need to be monitored and maintained during the event and this team helps with the cleanup of kitchen during and after the event.

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What to Expect:

  • Time Commitment: 2-4 hours prior to the event for prep & set-up; 30 minutes after event to package & store any leftovers
  • How often: Once a month, October through May
  • Duties: Preparing food and buffet tables with serving dishes and food, making coffee, setting up and maintaining coffee bar, keeping kitchen area clean as you work, washing dishes, packaging and storing food
  • Need the ability to stand for long periods, and be prepared to lift coffee urns and walk from kitchen to food service area

For You if:

  • You love working in the kitchen preparing & cooking food and teaming with others to serve a meal
  • You love serving others with delicious food & helping clean up
  • You prefer to be a bit more behind-the-scenes