Worship Coordinator

Worship Coordinator

Worship Coordinator

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Job Description

Other Ministries - Part-time

Job Title: Worship Coordinator, 20-25 hours/week

Pay Range: $18-$22 per hour




Leading and equipping the body at Pathway Church to grow in worship and obedience to Christ so that God can lead us to the joy and satisfaction of exalting him, feeding our need to worship Him while whetting our appetite for more of Him.




  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office/Google Office Apps/Copyright Holder Software

  • Strong organizational and management skills, able to lead worship & worship practices

  • High musical standards and proficiency

    • Chord sheet reading ability

    • Ability to sing well, including ability & understanding of musical parts

    • Keyboard skills preferred, but not required

  • Good interpersonal skills: ability to communicate well both orally and in writing

  • Ability to encourage, mentor & teach new, younger, and/or timid musicians

  • Ability to work well with many-sided expectations including those of staff, Council, and church members






  1. Coordination of worship ministry:

  • Evaluate, develop, and maintain current worship needs of the Body

  • Administrative responsibilities, as needed

  • Engage & coordinate team leaders & volunteers

  • Develop new participation of church members into the Praise Team

  • Plan & execute special music events


  1. Oversight of worship volunteers:

  • Regularly touch base

  • General supervision, scheduling, & support

  • Offer training and resources to support specific roles

  • Annual performance & goal making discussions



  1. Develop new and effective worship strategies & music/arrangements:

  • Work alongside the church staff

  • Implement intergenerational & team-oriented interactions 

  • Consider the Great Commission to go and “make disciples” as we implement our strategy

  • Read and research books & resources


  1. Collaborate & coordinate corporate & household worship with other staff:

  • Staff meetings every 3 weeks

  • Report monthly activities & developments

  • Support and engaging in church-wide events

  • Support, encourage, & build-up staff teammates & volunteers


  1. Maintain Budget:

  • Evaluate & maintain an appropriate budget with Finance Team