Worship and Student Ministries Coordinator

Worship and Student Ministries Coordinator

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Job Description

Other Ministries - Full-time

Worship Coordinator Responsibilities:


1.    This individual is responsible to organize and develop the worship flow for a more Traditional Worship (1st Service) and hand off to 1st Service worship personnel, and lead musically, and if possible, vocally, a Contemporary worship service (2nd Service).

2.    This individual needs to have experience in worship leadership and vocal coaching.

3.    The Worship Leader will give leadership to staff and volunteers serving on the music team. He/she will strive to bring authenticity and creativity to the weekend services through leading worship and overseeing all aspects of the music production of services.

4.    We are seeking a shepherd with an authentic relationship with God to help usher our people into the presence of God through Worship.

5.    This person would work closely with our Senior Pastor to cultivate an environment of praise and worship within our church.

6.    We are looking for someone that can lead Worship instrumentally with quality.  We would like to have a video of any past services you have lead and/or participated in.

7.    We desire a person who has a personality that allows them to lead well in front of our congregation while serving as a pastor to them in moments of worship. They should be able to build, train and care for a worship team.

Primary Duties:


1.    Administrative

·         Recruit: Recruit and develop musicians and Team personnel to be a part of the your targeted ministry areas.

·         Meet weekly with the Lead Pastor for planning of the services and ministry events.

·         Train: Implement and train volunteer personnel as well as develop creative community time for team building.


2.    Production

·         Services: Plan, coordinate and communicate all aspects of services.

·         Rehearsal: Lead musical rehearsals during the week as well as Lead / Participate at the weekend services.

·         Current Trends: Be listening for new music, ideas, and creative means of communicating our message.

·         Music: Arrange, transcribe, and distribute vocal and instrumental music to be performed.

·         Oversee Video and Audio Personnel Training, making sure weekend services are networked through appropriate personnel and that Video and Audio portions of the service are managed.


Student Ministries Coordinator


1.    This individual will be working with both Jr. High and High School students. 

2.    This individual will be entering into a Student ministry environment that is rebuilding from the ground up.  Therefore, this person needs to be confident in their inner-personal skills to meet people and market themselves as they develop new ministries.

3.    This individual must be able to develop a Team to surround them and assist them in the area of Student Ministries. 

4.    This individual needs to be willing to develop a ministry that targets disciple-making skills with Students in mind.





1.    This is a full time position for 40 hours per week.

2.    Beginning salary is based on the following items.

·         Education – A bachelor’s degree in an appropriate field is desired, or currently working on a degree in an appropriate field.

·         Experience – Experience is certainly a valued asset to this position.  We are looking for individuals, first and foremost, that can demonstrate a skill level that promotes leadership, confidence and the ability to guide people through stages of change.

3.    Please attach to your resume a current video that incorporates both either your audible voice and/or instrumental performance, preferrably from a worship service, if available.

4.    Please attach 2-references.


Resumes and any questions/inquiries should be sent to:



Randy Carpenter (randy.subc@gmail.com); (517) 566-8481 (Church)