Vocational Manager

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Vocational Manager

Vocational Manager

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Job Description

Management - Full-time

­­­­­­­Vocational Manager Job Description

Job Summary

The Vocational Manager provides leadership for the Skill Building/Group CLS and Supported Employment Departments at IKUS Life Enrichment Services. The Manager will lead, monitor, train, teach, and assist individuals with disabilities in the areas of community skills while maintaining positive community involvement. Participate in the planning, documentation, and evaluation of Skill Building and Supported Employment plan as stated in Person-Centered Planning (PCP) process and that is consistent with Recipient Rights, HIPAA and organizational procedures. Model appropriate behavior to clients served. Assist and advocate on clients’ behalf on becoming acclimated to the community as well as encourage building positive community relations. The Vocational Manager will be responsible for administrative duties as well as lead, direct, train, and evaluate Skill Building Mentors and Supported Employment Job Coaches.


Summary of Essential Job Functions

·         Oversee the day-to-day services of the IKUS Skill Building/Group CLS and Supported Employment programs

·         Directly support 1-2 Skill Building shifts per week and/or up to 10 hours/week of Job Coaching

·         Relate, Interact, and communicate positively with the clients served

·         Display, mentor, role model professional conduct, a positive attitude, and team building

·         Assist in the hiring and scheduling of Skill Building Mentors and Supported Employment Job Coaches

·         Supervise, train, and evaluate Mentors and Job Coaches

·         Recognize and acknowledge exemplary performance

·         Attend PCP meetings and conduct staff meetings

·         Verify that all Mentors and Job Coaches accurately completes billing paperwork

·         Visit Mentors and clients during service delivery to ensure quality services

·         Communicate, with clients, families, Supports Coordinators, and staff routinely

·         Follow and enforce contract providers guidelines for client supervision

·         Safely transport clients in IKUS vehicles to and from their home and community outings

·         Implement Skill Building plan and goals including assisting clients with direct care needs, daily housekeeping, etc.

·         Monitor Mentors and Job Coaches time cards 3-5 times per week

·         Oversee fleet management including mileage tracking, vehicle scheduling, maintenance routing, fuel management, etc.

·         Be direct support of all Interns and Fieldwork students who are assigned to the Skill Building program

·         Schedule and provide materials (Mentor schedules, weekly tracker, etc) for on-call phone

·         Petty cash management

·         Other duties as assigned


Minimum Requirements

·         BA/BS degree from an accredited university or institution of higher learning; equivalent related employment experience may be considered in lieu of degree

·         Strong written and verbal communication skills. Able to assess and effectively communicate strategies to resolve work related challenges

·         Demonstrated ability to work with people with neurological, psychological, and physical disabilities

·         Ability to work with minimal amount of direct supervision

·         Strong organizational and time management skills

·         One or more years working with individuals who have a diverse background or disabilities

Valid Michigan driver’s license with driving record acceptance according to IKUS policy