Vice President of Print Services & Supply Chain Management

Vice President of Print Services & Supply Chain Management

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Job Description

Other - Full-time

Position Summary:
Oversee purchasing, print, distribution services, SCM team and third party printing sales and services for ODB Ministries. Ensure the optimum use of ODB Ministries’ financial and operational resources in the creation and distribution of resources as we reach people who use them primarily in the US, but also in support of certain ministry efforts globally.  Provide oversight and direction to teams.  Work cross functionally with other ODBM staff to ensure that these services are performed in a timely, accurate, high quality and cost effective manner.
Essential Functions:
 Direct the management of the departments within production, print finishing, supply chain management (includes the warehouse), third party printing operations and fulfillment.  
 Provide leadership and insight as part of cross-functional teams ensuring that the needs of the ministry are fully understood and met. This position is expected to provide innovative thought leadership when addressing current and anticipated challenges and opportunities.
 Ensure that services provided for ODBM affiliates outside of the US receive the same level of service as US based requests do, and are clearly planned and communicated to ensure on time, and as expected delivery of resources and related services.
 Manage the hiring, evaluation and disciplining of employees, set work schedules and production expectations.
 Encourage personal growth and provide learning opportunities through training, periodic evaluation and review, and provide development opportunities.
 Build cohesive team environment that reflects the culture and values of ODB Ministries.
 Provide supportive leadership, a feeling of trust, and satisfaction by demonstrating competence and a willingness to serve.
 Work with internal and external customers to meet their needs in a cost effective manner and with timely delivery.  Ensure that external customer relationships and arrangements comply with the operational ethos of ODBM and are fair and cost/revenue beneficial to ODBM.
 Develop the annual budget for work teams and related ministry expenses by working collaboratively across the ministry. Maintain appropriate cost controls and monitor performance against budgets with timely identification and communication to the CFO and others when challenges and opportunities are noted.  Assist with problem solving when needed.
 Ensure a safe and clean work environment.
 Oversee purchasing for all printing, binding, and warehousing operations.
 Negotiation of contracts and agreements with vendors.
 Oversee warehousing operations including the use of external facilities as needed.
 Oversee distribution of ODBM resources directly and through third parties.
Study, Knowledge and Experience:
Bachelor’s degree required in Business, Manufacturing or related field. Work experience of 10 or more years in a senior management position with print operations. Knowledge of warehousing, distribution and supply chain activities recommended, as well as, a strong Technical/Printing/Publishing background. Previous leadership and people management experience required. Strive to live a life consistent with Biblical principles and demonstrate continued growth and spiritual development.

Internal Work Environment:
Communicates and interacts with direct reports and teams including Production, Print Finishing, Fulfillment, Supply Chain Management and Third Party Printing Services. Operational issues may be technical, sensitive, and require tact. Should have effective communication and relationships with all teams.  In addition, proactive and consistent communication with other ODBM teams in a cross functional manner is required.

External Communication Requirements:
Extensive communication in building superior client relationships within our network of US operations, non US ministry affiliates, customers and vendors. Will be complex, technical, and sensitive.

Leadership Responsibility:
Responsible for the strategic planning and advancement of all teams directly reporting to this position. Position leads 4 direct reports, and a total staff of approximately 60. Position is also expected to provide leadership, while working with peers and all teams across the ministry when appropriate.

Stewardship of Resources:
Has total budget responsibilities for all teams directly reporting to this position. It is required that resources are carefully and thoughtfully used, with a focus both on the customer experience, and also on the costs to the Ministry.

Miscellaneous notes for consideration:
Occasional travel required.

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