Varsity Track & Field Head Coach

Varsity Track & Field Head Coach

Varsity Track & Field Head Coach

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Job Description

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NorthPointe Christian Schools is an independent Christian school formed in 1972 serving over 1,200 preschool through high school students from over 120 churches. NPC’s pairs academic excellence with a strong, Christ-centered environment to reach our mission of “equipping students to impact their world for Jesus Christ.” 


NorthPointe Christian is seeking a Varsity Track & Field Head Coach for the Sprin 2025 season.


NorthPointe Christian Varsity Coaches will be hired to provide general athletic and spiritual oversight of the entire program they are coaching. This includes but is not limited to overseeing sub-varsity, middle school and youth programs and development. 

All varsity coaches, with the support of the Athletic Director, will be responsible for oversight of their entire program, elementary-high school. This includes but is not limited to the following. 

  • Spiritual Development – the varsity coach oversees the spiritual development of their team and the entire program. 
  • Recruiting sub-varsity and middle school coaches – help recruit and approve coaches paid and volunteer. 
  • Evaluation of sub-varsity and middle school coaches – postseason meet and evaluate. 
  • Player Advancement – This should be done in communication with the AD.   
  • Youth Camps and clinics – submit plans to AD and oversee. 
  • Out of Season training and compliance 
  • Equipment and Uniform Inventory – Make and maintain a list of equipment and uniforms and share with AD. 
  • Keys – Varsity coaches will be given keys and key fabs for their program and will collect post season and keep for future seasons. 
  • Budget – Provided by the AD, this budget is used at the discretion of the coach and AD but is also used for any and all entry fees and the entire program. 
  • Roster – Provide an accurate up to date roster to the athletic office. 
  • Statistics/Records – Keep up to date records for record boards. 


  • Active Christian in agreement with and willing to sign the NorthPointe Christian School’s Foundational statements.
  • Able to pass required background checks and fingerprint screening. 
  • Teach and support the School’s Foundational Statements and mission through word and deed.
  • Minister to students through prayer, encouragement, and wise counsel.
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