Summer Ministry Coordinator

Summer Ministry Coordinator

Summer Ministry Coordinator

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Job Description

Other Ministries - Part-time

Summer Ministry Coordinator Position Description



20-25+ hours/week paid urban ministry work


$11 – $15/hr depending on experience


3 – 4 days a week with potential weekend and evening volunteering/work. Schedule depending on the candidate. 


Transforming communities through kids by providing long-term, life changing, worldview-expanding relationships, led by Jesus Christ.


As an essential part of the small Community Kids team, the Programs Assistant will help plan and run Day Camp, mentoring events, Sidewalk Bible club and church outings. They will also assist in planning other programs and events, and assist families and children in various crisis situations.

KEY DUTIES (some look different due to COVID-19)

  • Work with and mentor youth as a staff member and volunteer mentor — this includes maintaining relationships with 1 – 4 kids, driving, helping sign kids up for camps and retreats. 

  • Run our Day Camp and Bible Club alongside team members — engaging volunteers, assigning sites and ensuring each event runs smoothly. 

  • Be prepared to step into social work situations and help families as needed (could include filing CPS reports, delivering food to families or assisting with a housing search).

  • Communicate with volunteers via Facebook Messenger, text, email and coffee dates, ensuring they are up-to-date on programming and know what’s needed from them.

  • Help direct and coordinate a weekly Backyard  Bible Club (with around 100 kids and 30 volunteers), monthly small-group mentoring activities (usually around 30 kids and mentors)

  • Coordinate drivers for Tuesday Night Bible Club, matching volunteers with kids who need rides.

  • Using the Grow Kids & Youth Ministry App, ensure kids are checked into Bible Club, and train volunteers to use this app as well. 

  • Assist in brainstorming ways to help the ministry’s programs ( Bible Club, Basketball Bible Club, Mentoring, Camps & Retreats, Worldview Expanding trips, Mentoring Check-Ins) run smoothly. 

  • Assist with planning, advertising and running events — 

  • Help with the nitty gritty details of programming and events — cleaning up, setting up, purchasing food, etc. 


  • Degree in social work, psychology, Bible, nonprofit admin or a similar field or equivalent experience preferred, but not required.  

  • Prior work in an urban ministry environment is a plus, but not required.

  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

  • Ability to take ideas from and work alongside both visionaries and detail-oriented people.

  • Focus in stressful situations.

  • Passion for urban youth ministry.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT (2 – 4 hours a month)

  • Urban Ministry Basic Training (2 hours a month)

  • Check ins, Care Guide

  • Basic Theology 101: Orthodoxy and Orthapraxy 

  • Read, reflect and report on The Third Conversion

  • Read, reflect and report on How to Win Friends and Influence People

  • Read, reflect and report on Luke, Acts, and Romans.

  • Relational fundraising ministry (2 – 4 hours a month)

    • Inform your personal contacts of your work and ask if they would be willing to join Community Kids’ prayer newsletter.

    • Continually make needs and opportunities known to people in the community, personally inviting them to participate in the lives of kids with resources that God has given them.

    • Invest in the lives of donors by setting up care appointments to encourage them towards love and good deeds.  


The Program Assistant will work alongside the Mission Vision Director to plan and run programming and manage volunteers. They will work alongside the Executive Director to manage mentors. 


  • Be in relationship with other Christians

  • Maintain a prayer and testimony ministry

  • Participate in prayer meetings at local churches. 

  • Continually share prayer requests with the community and testify to God’s ongoing


  • work in the lives of kids. 

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