Student Union Inclusion Specialist

Student Union Inclusion Specialist

Student Union Inclusion Specialist

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Job Description

Education - Full-time


The purpose of this position is to build belonging in partnership with teachers and families fostering a climate for students of various gifts and abilities to achieve their God given potential. 


Educational Requirements

Minimum of a Bachelor of Arts in Education with related endorsements; commitment to further education in the field of inclusive education. Preferred experience in inclusion.


Personal Characteristics

Committed to Jesus Christ, compassionate, visionary, deep listener, strong teaching and communication skills (oral and written), collaborative, self-directed, flexible, growth mindset, organized, timely, spiritually supported/supportive, and discerning.



  1. Collaborate with the SU team and general education teachers in partnering in inclusive services by building belonging through social, academic, functional, and emotional support within and alongside the classroom.

  2. Consult with parents, teachers, consultants, therapists, and other support personnel in the development and implementation of person centered plans and related documents, oversee progress monitoring, assessment, and annual review meetings of said documents in preparation for and throughout the school year.

  3. Provide quality tier three instruction and materials for Student Union hosted classes employing strategies promoting optimal skill development in person or remote as needed.

  4. Communicate regularly with parents to nurture a supportive and cooperative relationship between home and school.  Respond to parent communication as soon as possible but no later than twenty-four hours.

  5. Assist general education teachers and paraprofessionals toward understanding and adherence to inclusive practices including modification of student materials.

  6. Model commitment to professional development through participation and sharing with the team in a minimum of two opportunities per year and collaboration with other NPC and All Belong inclusion personnel.