Student Support Specialist & Marketing Strategist

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Student Support Specialist & Marketing Strategist

Student Support Specialist & Marketing Strategist

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Job Description

Other - Part-time

Position Summary:
Part-time position that works with the Support Services Coordinator regarding student support for all areas of Our Daily Bread University (Free, Premium, and CUGN) and assisting the Brand Manager in the creation and management of all social media posts, Study group opportunities, development of email promotions for new and existing courses, and implementation of all cause offer & fundraising campaigns. 
Essential Functions:
 Develop and maintain high proficiency in the Totara Learning Management System (LMS) and SalesForce
 Respond in a professional and timely manner to technical and other support requests (such as password resets) from Our Daily Bread University (ODBU) students and professors via email, telephone, and/or chat.
 Assist, as may be requested, with various aspects of the student management system (presently SalesForce).
 Interface, as needed, with ODBM/ODBU staff as well as outside contractors related to marketing content development.
 Develop written documentation of practices and procedures related to job responsibilities.
 Evaluate student coursework and record grades as needed into the student management system.
 Communicate with professors promptly in regards to upcoming courses material, changes to the LMS, and student concerns. 
 Monitor student surveys and communication to ensure excellence and compliance with best practices.
 Oversee and participate in responding to student concerns related to academic issues including, but not limited to, extension requests, quiz concerns, and academic honesty issues.
 Assist as an academic advisor to an identified list of students. 
 Keep records of meaningful student stories/endorsements.
 Assist in the development and testing of new technologies as they are incorporated into the LMS.
 Assist in helping to train and oversee Service Partners, interns, or contractors as needed.
 Assess consistently the status of all ODBU websites and courses including navigation, links, and operation.
 Keep accurate records of activity related to the above tasks.
 Assume other duties normally associated with the role of support services for online learning programs.
 Develop content (video, graphic, text) for social media distribution through Facebook and other online outlets.
 Assign and manage content for quarterly online study groups offered through ODBU and/or other online outlets.
 Develop bi-weekly email promotions for new and existing courses to be sent to ODBU email lists.
 Respond to customer service requests, moderate user interactions, and interact with users on social media as needed.
 Assist with the development and implementation of cause & fundraising campaigns.
Note: All of the above responsibilities presume that employee will be trained by Our Daily Bread University for the specific tasks that are requested that may be unique to Our Daily Bread University (i.e. Salesforce and Totara).
Study or Knowledge or Experience:
 Degree in computer science or a related field preferred, but not required
 Technical aptitude and desire to adapt to new technologies
 Proficiency with various cloud-based software suites including, but not limited to, InDesign, Photoshop, Zendesk, Smartsheets, and WordPress required
 Proficiency with Salesforce and Totara interfaces preferred, but not required
 Bible courses or equivalent training to provide familiarity with theological terms and general Bible knowledge required
 Proficiency with content management software, e-Commerce, and associated tools required
 Experience in various Learning Management Systems and online learning practices preferred, but not required
 Proficiency with Microsoft Office (Word/EXCEL) required
 Ability to coordinate and manage multiple projects and tasks simultaneously
 Excellent writing/oral communication and customer service skills required
 Applicant must be detail oriented and possess strong problem-solving abilities 
 Exhibition of personal characteristics including professionalism, discretion, accuracy, flexibility, and tact
 Strive to live a life consistent with Biblical principles and demonstrate continued growth and spiritual development.
Internal Work Environment
The position involves extensive communication and coordination with individuals within Our Daily Bread University and sometimes within the greater ODBM community. Significant discretion, accuracy, tact, and clarity are required to successfully negotiate schedules, deadlines, technical issues, and personalities. 
External Work Environment
The position involves extensive communication with students and occasionally with service providers, contractors, and outside ministry organizations. Professionalism including discretion, tact, patience, vocabulary, and accuracy are required. 
Stewardship of Resources
Position may require research and making of recommendations relative to products and services needed by ODBU.  Employee is expected to exercise wise stewardship in use of time and resources including the implementation of forward planning and recommendations for procedures and programs that result in cost savings to the organization.
Our Daily Bread strives to embody a Biblically based commitment to Diversity and Inclusion
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