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Production Lead

Production Lead

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Job Description

Other - Full-time

Production Lead

Job Description Full-Time, Exempt Employee, Already approved to work locally in the US.

Purpose Statement

To proclaim the gospel and lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus through excellence in production.


At Cascade Fellowship, the staff team, council, and membership are all committed to the mission of radiating the love and truth of Jesus in every area of life. The Production Lead ensures excellence in production through use of audio, video, and lighting technologies in two live venues and in our digital ministry online through discipleship and care of volunteer leaders.

Reporting & Teamwork

The Production Lead reports directly to the Worship Ministries Director, with oversight provided by the Lead Pastor.


  • Team Building (Recruit, train, retain, disciple, invest in, and empower a team of volunteers)
    • Care for the volunteers that support the ministry in various ways (e.g., camera operation, video switching, live audio, broadcast audio, slides, video productions, photography, storytelling, video editing, etc.).
    • Discern which volunteers may become future leaders and enter into a mentoring relationship with them, guiding them toward greater levels of ownership.
    • Create an exciting and hospitable environment for all volunteers.
    • Develop and execute a training curriculum to help volunteers increase their skill and confidence in all positions.
    • Document the process of using equipment as a resource for volunteers.
    • Build community through team meetings, dinners, and other functions on average every other month.
    • Touch base with volunteers individually regularly in order to develop and maintain a good working relationship.
    • Schedule volunteers at least two months in advance.
    • Communicate expectations clearly, and hold people accountable, while also offering and receiving feedback well.
    • Create systems to thank and appreciate volunteers, including calls, notes, and gatherings.
    • Aspire to train volunteers so well that you regularly serve in the role of Producer on Sunday mornings – overseeing all aspects of production rather than serving in one specific role.
  • Sunday Production
    • Anticipate the needs of the worship and production volunteers, serving them by preparing for them well a minimum of 15-30 minutes before they arrive on rehearsal nights and on Sunday mornings.
    • Keep the stage area clean and well organized.Ensure that all content (slides, audio, video, etc.) required for Sunday is produced in a timely manner and to a high level of quality.
    • Oversee the setup and operation of sound, lighting, and video equipment, including ProPresenter presentations, lighting, designs, weekly virtual soundchecks, etc.
    • Implement new stage designs and lighting plots as needed.
    • Be available to help directly in the event of equipment malfunction, volunteer absenteeism, or other crisis situations.
  • Other Production
    • Recruit and train additional volunteer teams to provide excellent technical support for other ministries as well as filling in when necessary if a volunteer is unavailable.
    • Provide whatever technical support is required for the use of our facilities during other events (e.g., weddings, funerals, HOA meetings, etc.), including setup, teardown, and rehearsal attendance.
  • Videography/Photography
    • Shoot and edit videos as needed for use on Sunday morning, including weekly announcements, missionary interviews, testimony videos, ministry highlights, storytelling, etc.
    • Regularly shoot photos and videos at all church ministries to build up a library of photos and videos that can be used in storytelling year-round.
  • Creative Input
    • Be part of a team that meets regularly for brainstorming and evaluation with the goal of improving all aspects of ministry.
    • Attend other team meetings as needed to provide support and offer input regarding live production needs.
  • Equipment Installation/Maintenance
    • Maintain an accurate inventory of all equipment, along with care and maintenance routines and requirements, replacement schedules, and ongoing costs of ownership.
    • Perform regular preventative maintenance checks on audio gear, including cables, batteries, mics, etc. to ensure all are working properly and reliably.
    • Ensure a clean and organized environment for equipment and people.
    • Proactively fix or replace damaged equipment, arranging for qualified technicians to repair more complex items.
    • Maintain A/V networking throughout the building to provide live video and/or informational slides to the TVs located in various locations on site.
    • Ensure we are good stewards of our substantial investment in technology.
    • Maintain all AV equipment throughout the facility, including but not limited to re-lamping stage lights, cleaning intelligent lights, backing up and updating computers , etc.
    • Develop and execute a disaster recovery plan for all relevant areas of tech.
  • Other Responsibilities
    • Engage fully in the life of our church by participating in ministries designed to help disciples of Christ know, grow, serve, and share.
    • Regularly read books, listen to podcasts, and attend workshops to learn and grow in all areas of ministry.
    • Perform other duties, as assigned by the Worship Director or Lead Pastor. This document is not intended to list every task exhaustively that the Production lead will be required to perform. As a member of the larger team, this person will be expected to adjust workflow periodically, as the church’s needs change.

Skills & Qualifications

  1. Possesses a personal belief in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and is committed to building up and unifying the body of Christ.
  2. Affirms and is aligned with Cascade Fellowship’s stated mission and goals.
  3. Is a member of the church or is in the process of becoming one (preferred).
  4. Conducts himself or herself as a servant leader by putting others first and prioritizing the development and advancement of his or her team.
  5. Is an empathic leader who loves nurturing, shepherding, and mentoring others, empowering them to fulfill God’s calling in their lives (Eph. 3:11-13).
  6. Leads in an organized and reliable way by organizing, delegating, supervising, evaluating the effectiveness of ministry methods, adapting as needed, and refusing to accept results that are “good enough.”
  7. Is self-directed, proactive, good at goal setting, and willing to go above and beyond what is expected.
  8. Has a flexible, teachable, can-do attitude when presented with novel situations and challenges.
  9. Brings a positive, encouraging attitude into the work environment that causes others to feel built up and well supported.
  10. Creates vibrant and thriving teams of enthusiastic volunteers who become deeply connected to the church’s mission and vision.
  11. Has a history of exhibiting the ability to handle potentially divisive issues with wisdom, discernment, and grace.
  12. Can articulate a philosophy of technology that leverages audio, video, and lighting to elevate the message that is being shared.
  13. Must be available to work on evenings and weekends; attendance at all weekly rehearsals and worship services, as well as other special events is expected unless vacation time is used in accordance with the Staff Handbook.
  14. Has 3-4 years of experience with production hardware and software, including Digico sound consoles, Waves SoundGrid, Chroma-Q Vista lighting software, ProPresenter presentation software, Blackmagic Design video gear, Sony mirrorless cameras, or equivalent (preferred).

Compensation and Benefits

  • This job is compensated according to the educational background, experience, and work expected of the employee.
  • Wage adjustments are determined annually and consider the employee’s performance and the current market.
  • Eligible benefits are outlined in the employee handbook.

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