Middle School Tennis Coach

Middle School Tennis Coach

Middle School Tennis Coach

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NorthPointe Christian Schools is an independent Christian school formed in 1972 serving over 1,200 preschool through high school students from over 120 churches. NPC’s pairs academic excellence with a strong, Christ-centered environment to reach our mission of “equipping students to impact their world for Jesus Christ.” 


  • NorthPointe Christian Schools is seeking a Middle School Head Tennis Coach for the Spring 2024 season.


NorthPointe Christian competes in middle school sports as a part of the OK Conference as well as the GRACEAC. Middle school sports are part of the athletic program designed to introduce and prepare athletes for high school competition. This level is typically for 6th, 7th and 8th grade. In some circumstances, 5th grade is included.

The purpose of these teams is to introduce different games and ideas, expose athletes to sports they may be interested in, and begin to develop game specific skills, preparing them for high school. They are further designed to teach aspects of working as a team and the Christian character expected of NorthPointe Christian Athletes. Wins and losses are not the focus, but improvement, sportsmanship, and player development. Full participation in practice and competition is a guaranteed part of this level.


  • Active Christian in agreement with and willing to sign the NorthPointe Christian School’s Foundational statements. https://www.npchristian.org/what-we-believe/
  • Able to pass required background checks and fingerprint screening. 
  • Teach and support the School’s Foundational Statements and mission through word and deed.
  • Minister to students through prayer, encouragement, and wise counsel.


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