Marketing Traffic Coordinator

Marketing Traffic Coordinator

Marketing Traffic Coordinator

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Job Description

Marketing - Full-time

Position Summary:

Assist in ensuring complete, thorough, and successful alignment of marketing projects with the ministry’s strategic goals:  coordinate the workflow of marketing projects, including project intake and closing, data information and reporting, and global content sharing.

Essential Functions:

  1. Coordinate the capacity and project scheduling for the Marketing Project Management team (PMT).  Keep an accurate account of each project manager’s project load.  Assure all projects are reflected in the PMT projects dashboard.
  2. Process requests submitted to the Exploratory Meeting Request Form Dashboard.  Assign the request task to the appropriate project manager.  Identify the project team and schedule the exploratory meeting.  Gather any relevant historical information (i.e. previous project data, retrospective meeting notes, budgets, sample assets, etc.)
  3. Coordinate and assign project ticket numbers and create and organize Google Drive folders to house working documents and file for all projects.
  4. Create Marketing Plan Worksheets for customers and designated stakeholders, process Marketing Plan Fill-in submissions, and create the formal marketing plan document for records and distribution.
  5. Process project closing and reporting.  Obtain all billable hours and generate a report for the finance team.  Update reporting for project management monthly tracking.  Schedule retrospective meetings and create/distribute feedback documents.
  6. Store and organize all final output files in Quark.
  7. Coordinate global content sharing.  Work with Rights and Permissions Coordinator to provide global teams with working files for Our Daily Bread Publishing titles.
  8. Organize and update the Google Drive File Transfer folder.  Upload Our Daily Bread Ministries’ print files for Our Daily Bread, Discovery Series, special mailings and campaigns, and other resources as requested.
  9. Work with ministry-wide digital team to ensure all fields for social media are uploaded to Google Drive for global distribution.
  10. Work with Senior Director of Marketing Research to assist in coordinating ODB surveys.
  11. Work with Supply Chain Management to process envelope orders and reprints.  Submit and track envelope orders/reprints for all U.S. and North American Language mailings.
  12. Work with Supply Chain Management to process orders for ancillary products and event displays.
  13. Work with Executive and Service Partners teams to coordinate Our Daily Bread Ministries banquets, celebrations, and open houses.

 Study or Knowledge or Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, or similar area of study required.
  • At least two years of professional experience in operations or traffic coordination, preferred.
  • Must be capable of coordinating multiple marketing efforts and keep track of the details for several simultaneous initiatives.
  • Able to prioritize, organize, and problem solve to balance the workflow in the development, production, and distribution of products and resources.
  • Capable of excellent diplomatic oral/written communication skills including knowledge and ability to negotiate depending upon need.
  • Set agendas and coordinate meetings as necessary to maintain deadlines and approvals for all projects.
  • Strive to live a life consistent with biblical principles, engaged with the Bible on a consistent basis and demonstrate continued growth and spiritual development.

Internal Work Environment:

Must be capable of diplomatic partnership style communication with the ministry effort teams.  Discretion, and tact needed to gain support for complex marketing efforts with individuals and groups.     

External Communication:

High degree of communication required in networking with other organizations, consultants, and vendors.  Professionalism, assertiveness, tact, and persuasion required.

Leadership Responsibility:

In partnership with the Director of Marketing & Sales, Director of Marketing Operations & Member Engagement, Senior Manager of Media Marketing, Discovery Series content team, Church Engagement Marketing Director, or Human Resources representative, depending on the type of project, coordinate the workflow for all approved projects as instructed by the Director of Marketing Communications and Project Management.

Stewardship of Resources:

Along with other team members associated Discovery Series, Church Engagement/ Ambassadors, Our Daily Bread, Our Daily Bread Publishing, Our Daily Bread Films, and Human Resources, responsible for the continued success of brands and related marketing efforts.


Our Daily Bread Ministries is a nondenominational nonprofit with staff and volunteers across the globe and resources distributed in 150 countries and in more than 50 languages. As a global ministry faithful to biblical principles, our commitment to diversity is reflected in our ministry’s mission, vision, values, and ethos.

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