Manager of Finance

Manager of Finance

Manager of Finance

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Job Description

Accounting / Finance - Part-time


595 Graafschap Rd., Holland, MI 49423, 616-796-3370,

“…  to equip God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up.” (Ephesians 4:12)

Mission of Staff  

The mission of the staff at Christ Memorial Church is to Outfit the church to Influence the world.

 Vision of Staff

Christ Memorial Church will develop and maintain a spiritually and emotionally mature staff of professionals who will build effective volunteer ministry teams that accomplish the mission of CMC.

As Christ Memorial staff members as well as brothers and sisters in Christ we commit to:

·        Focus on the mission, vision, and values of CMC – We share ownership of the mission of CMC and contribute to its success by setting clear priorities for achieving our mission.

·        Value the whole person – We demonstrate honesty, kindness, respect workstyles, support work-home balance, have fun, including all cultures and backgrounds, and show respect and grace to each other.

·        Communicate openly, respectfully, and directly – We share information, communicate in a timely and clear manner, assume positive intent, acknowledge others, respect deadlines and time of co-workers, and address differences directly through candid conversations.

·        Collaborate as a team – We ask for and offer help, understand one another’s roles, seek varying perspectives, set clear expectations, and work as a team. We cross-train for effective support when a need arises.

·        Continuously growing – We seek opportunities to grow in our faith and position at CMC. We support others in their learning experiences, demonstrate grace, discuss failures, learn, and share.

·        Set high standards and hold ourselves and each other to them – We are good stewards of the resources God has given us and ensure diverse perspectives contribute to our decision making. We celebrate our different gifts and talents and learn to work well with each other’s unique styles.

·        Confidentiality – We work to serve our community and must respect the confidentiality of each person we work with.

·        Policies and Procedures of CMC – We seek to understand policies and procedures and follow them to the best of our ability. Having collaborative conversations when changes need to be made.


Position Title:                    Manager of Finance     

Position Status:                 Part-Time

Reports to:                         Director of Operations

Position focus:                  The Manager of Finance has the responsibility to ensure the financial operations are processed and reported with a high level of accuracy and integrity. Process, monitor, communicate, confirm, document, and report the transactions and balances of Christ Memorial finances.

Works cooperatively:      All CMC staff, Finance Committee, and Treasurer

Primary Strengths Required:      

·        Character: on time, seeking God, being a disciple of Jesus, reliable, trustworthy, honest

·        Chemistry: relationships matter, ability to work well with many personalities

·        Competency: growing in his/her areas of responsibility

·        A continually growing relationship with God

·        Integrity

·        Dependability

·        Communication skills

·        Confidentiality

·        Strong work ethic

·        Team player

·        Problem Solving

·        Self-starter


  • Manage all financial areas of the church including finances, accounting, budgeting, forecasting, analysis, reporting, audit, and compliance.
  • Calculate, monitor, and communicate all budgets including the staffing budget.  Tracking changes and forecasting.
  • Manage staff related to finance.  Confirm and approve transactions processed by finance team.
  • Report to church leadership regularly regarding the financial health of the church.  Monthly reporting and communication with the treasurer.
  • Work with the Director of OP, Treasurer, Department heads to define, approve and execute the annual budget.
  • Confirm balances in accounts and communicate.
  • Confirm proper approvals are completed and documented in files.
  • Recommend, set up, and document procedures for improved internal control and cost savings.
  • Serve as a key contact with financial vendors.
  • Complete annual workers compensation audit.
  • Ensure compliance with governmental entities, insurers, other entities as required.
  • Participate in staff and Finance Committee meetings.
  • Assist Director of OP in special projects, analysis.


Essential Skills and Training/Requirements:

  1. Accounting degree
  2. At least 5 years of experience in accounting and managing people
  3. Strong understanding of financial accounting, controls, reporting methods, and standards within a church structure.
  4. Microsoft 365
  5. QuickBooks


Schedule for this position is adaptable

Resumes should be sent to 

Position Description current as of September 7, 2022