Line Cook at the Kitchen @ 40 Cherry

Line Cook at the Kitchen @ 40 Cherry

Line Cook at the Kitchen @ 40 Cherry

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Job Description

Food Service - Full-time

The Kitchen at 40 Cherry (The Kitchen) is a social enterprise.

The enterprise part: we’re dedicated to providing great food to all of our customers.

The social part: we’re a Christian, faith-centered organization that is proud to partner with Mel Trotter Ministries to create, serve, and financially support the mission’s efforts to individuals experiencing homelessness.


The Kitchen has two divisions within its operations:

Mission Dining & Catering Services. The Kitchen’s largest customer is Mel Trotter Ministries. The Kitchen services Mel Trotter 7 days/week, 365 days/year, The Kitchen prepares and serves 300-600 meals per day, depending on the season.


Virtual Dining Services. The Kitchen has partnered with renowned restauranteur, Robert Earl and his newest company Virtual Dining Concepts to prepare and deliver virtual kitchen concepts to the broader Grand Rapids community. These product lines are exciting, fun-loving, and delicious!


Our Culture


The Kitchen’s success is almost exclusively dependent on The Kitchen’s team. We continue to build on the current ground-breaking, robust team already in place. We work within a culture that recognizes that we are human and on a journey, and that we will make mistakes. Our culture encourages all team members to strive to demonstrate the most radical hospitality toward fellow team members, customers, and guests experiencing homelessness.  The next team members will strive to demonstrate: 

·         Being hungry

o   Enthusiastic about joining a start-up venture

o   Passionate about serving great food

o   Flexible to change – The Kitchen has a lot of it!

·         Being humble

o   Support fellow team members by listening and jumping in to help and problem solve – regardless of the task or challenge

o   Acknowledge the gifts of others: team members, volunteers, guests to the Mission

o   Willing to learn … learn … learn

o   Be truthful; admit a mistake


·         Being people smart

o   Exhibit compassion to those struggling

o   Demonstrate a commitment to trying to understand another’s viewpoint and life experiences

o   Work to be aware of personal actions that impact others: those who alike and those of different races, genders, and cultures.

The Job

·         Prepares, cooks, assembles, and presents food safely, quickly and efficiently, meeting established standards.

·         Practices correct food handling and food storage procedures

·         Works all kitchen stations, including dish, prep, cooking, assembling, and packaging.

·         Delivers portions that are correct and meets all weight and presentation expectations.

·         Works safely around kitchen equipment and reports any maintenance issues to the chef, supervisor, or manager

·         Demonstrates knowledge of the brand and menu items

·         Protects customer experience by ensuring packaging, presentation and quality is top level

·         Ensures personal appearance is in compliance with The Kitchen standards

·         Tracks waste and stores food according to procedures

·         Maintains cleanliness and food safety standards  

·         Communicates well with the team members

·         Exhibits and encourages positive team behavior and work ethic


·         Continues in pursuit of excellence in hospitality and customer service

·         Works well in a fast-paced environment of a start-up operation

·         Expertise or willingness to learn and be trained in The Kitchen @ 40 Cherry’s:

o   quick-service and banquet-style restaurant cooking

o   knife and culinary skills

o   proper use of all equipment

o   ServSafe trained on food safety


Working Conditions

·         Regular standing, walking, climbing, crouching, bending, pushing, or pulling

·         Understand, speak, read, and write English

·         Able to lift up to 50 pounds  

·         Able to use fine motor hand functions

·         Frequently exposed to varying temperatures

·         Able to work actively and on one’s feet for up to eight hours

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