CNA / Caregiver

CNA / Caregiver

CNA / Caregiver

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Job Description

Caregiver - Full-time

The CNA/Caregiver shall be responsible for the care, safety, and enrichment of each participant and shall

provide a person-centered approach to care in a manner which contributes to the individuality

and wellbeing of each adult.


High school diploma or GED

Current and valid CNA Certification (not required)

CPR and First Aid Certification

Experience providing care to geriatric patients (recommended)

Prior knowledge of and/or exposure to dementia/Alzheimer’s patients (recommended)


Warm, friendly, and passionate about intergenerational culture.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Ability to demonstrate true commitment to providing and caring for geriatric patients

Flexible and reliable with frequent schedule changes

Working Conditions:

Physical Clearance for reaching, bending, stooping, crouching, kneeling, and grasping

Full range of motion

Ability to lift 50 lbs

Specific areas of responsibility include:

A. Assist with Personal Care of Participants

1. Change soiled clothes

2. Toileting

3. Personal hygiene as needed

4. Assist with ambulation

5. Monitoring food and fluid intake

B. Older Adult Care

1. Responsible for the care of the adult’s physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being

and enrichment

2. Notice and report changes in participants’ attitude, health, or other needs

3. Will be aware and able to report occurrences in the adult’s day to respective caregivers


4. Engage, interact, establish, and foster the development of relationships/friendships

among participants, children, staff, and volunteers

5. Adhere to privacy/confidentiality regulations

C. Activity and Assessment

1. Participate in program planning and implementation

2. Conduct program activities designed to meet the interest, physical, mental, and

psychosocial well-being of each participant

3. Seek, collaborate, and promote intergenerational relationship through purposeful activity

D. Facility

1. Perform assigned duties to keep environment safe, clean and orderly

2. General neatness of Center areas

3. Recognizes, eliminates, and reports environmental hazards

4. Keeping inventory and requesting needed supplies

5. Uses safety measures to assure safety of participants, visitors, and employees

E. Records and Requirements by the Center and HHS

1. Medication Forms/How to administer medication

2. Accident/Incident Reports

3. Health Department Guidelines

4. Privacy/HIPAA Regulations

5. Emergency Procedures

6. Bethlehem Church Personnel Handbook

F. Professional Growth

1. Obtain a minimum of 24 hours of intergenerational training each calendar year

2. Retain current CPR and First Aid Certification

3. Attend Center events. Help plan an dImplement family engagement activities.

4. Attend mandatory staff meetings/work days as scheduled once each month

5. Maintain a professional attitude at all times as a representative of the Center

G. Mentoring/Training

1. Responsible to lead, teach, and train new staff members, interns, and volunteers

2. Model professional attitudes at all times

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