Assistant Toddler & Preschool Teachers

Assistant Toddler & Preschool Teachers

Assistant Toddler & Preschool Teachers

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Job Description

Education - Full-time

Mission: To provide a safe and nurturing environment where care and learning become a stimulating adventure, as we partner with parents in developing positive character qualities for your children, our future generation.


Staff Motto: Be nurturing, Be honest, Be fun!


Assistant Teacher Qualifications: Must be at least 16 years old and be a positive caregiving role model for staff and children. Must be able to pass a comprehensive background fingerprinting check. Must have current CPR, First Aid, and Bloodborne Pathogen certification, or be willing to obtain certification upon hire. Must have a current and medically validated TB test, or be willing to complete the test upon hire. Must be reliable, punctual, and have dependable transportation. Must have customer service skills and be professional. Must be aware of the unique needs of toddlers and preschoolers. Child Development Education and experience preferred.


Primary Job Responsibilities: The Assistant Teacher is responsible for supporting the early education of children in their care. This position requires an individual who is caring, genuine in their love for children and can show compassion in a busy learning environment. This position also requires someone who is able to be flexible in their work assignments and have the ability to be flexible in working with all age groups of children enrolled at Big Steps Little Feet. Assistant Teacher responsibilities involve positive role-modeling, supporting the Mission of Big Steps Little Feet and demonstrating the Staff Motto daily. 


Creating Community within the Center:

  • Uphold confidentiality regarding children, their families, Big Steps business practices and coworker situations. 

  • Cooperatively support and collaborate with other caregivers and staff in the Center and your assigned classroom.

  • Avoid gossip, unnecessary and non-work related conversations.

  • Positively impact the childcare and preschool environment by sharing best practices and new industry standards with co-workers.

  • Contribute to the professionalism of the Center and staff by sharing ideas, age-appropriate growth activities and outside training opportunities.

  • Remain patient, calm and professional in all work-related situations.

  • Communicate daily with the Lead Teacher regarding classroom needs or needs of the children.

  • Professionally redirect parents to the Director if they are requesting information or adjustments that would compromise the integrity of the Center or care of any enrolled child.

  • Uphold and follow all licensing regulations and rules according to current LARA Childcare and Preschool standards.

  • Be aware of and follow rules and requirements in the Employee Handbook.

  • Maintain a flexible attitude and supportive demeanor with all staff and parents.

  • Remain open to constructive criticism and feedback from your supervisor.

  • Report staffing concerns immediately as they arise.

  • Assist and participate in larger Center events: Christmas Programs, Classroom transitions, Preschool Graduation, Parent-Teacher Conferences, and holiday celebrations.

  • Monitor and report building maintenance needs to the Leadership Team immediately upon observation of the need or repair.

  • Assist with administrative tasks as assigned and as required.

  • When needed, assist in the kitchen, meal prep, and delivery of meals and snacks to classrooms.

  • Actively participate in required professional development events and all staff meetings or training.

Nurturing Environment:

  • Provide consistent nurturing and attentive care for children in assigned classrooms as needed.

  • Ensure that the academic, physical and social-emotional wellbeing of all children in the Center is a priority.

  • Warmly and attentively greet every child and parent by name during drop off and pick up.

  • Keep the children in your classroom as your number one priority. 

  • Speak to the children in a kind manner that builds self-esteem.

  • Positively redirect and exercise positive discipline. Never hit or belittle a child.

  • Accurately follow children’s daily schedule of feeding and rest needs.

  • Respect parent preferences in their child’s care and seek Director support if assistance is needed regarding parent preferences in relation to State Licensing rules. Parent preference does not overrule licensing rules.

  • Assist children with meeting daily education and development milestones by challenging them in age-appropriate ways.

  • Engage children and actively participate in outdoor and indoor activities, including playing on the playground.


Daily Job Duties:


  • Arrive on time and as scheduled with a positive attitude.

  • Maintain proper ratios and be accountable for children at all times in your care.

  • Maintain organization in the classroom and avoid unnecessary clutter. 

  • Actively support the Lead Teacher in the classroom you are assigned.

  • Properly document arrival and departure times of each child in the Classroom Binder and/or by using provided technology such as iPads or tracking applications.  

  • Assist with maintaining proper child documentation and updated BSLF forms that are required in the Classroom Binder.

  • Assist with accurately completing daily activity logs for each child using proper spelling and grammar.

  • Be aware of and follow all emergency procedures and how children with disabilities will be cared for during emergencies.

  • Listen for and promptly respond to staff requests via walkie talkies as able.

  • Daily and thoroughly complete regular cleaning and sanitation duties in the classroom and as assigned.

  • Meet physical demands of picking up children, holding them for extended periods of time and playing on and off the floor. 

  • All other duties as assigned.

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