Assistant to the President

Assistant to the President

Assistant to the President

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Job Description

Other - Full-time

Position Summary:

Assists the CEO & President in: 

  • Organizational Planning and monitoring; 
  • Supervision of direct reports and Global Executive Team (GET) meetings & events; 
  • Board chair and committee support to include scheduling and coordinating all board and committee related events & activities;
  • Development of communications in support of the CEO & President.
  • General representation of CEO & President’s office to the public, management of schedule, and general office support & coordination.


Essential Functions:

  • Assures that the planning process is scheduled and is supported by the CEO & President and all required Executive team members in carrying out according to the corporate planning calendar and requirements defined by the CEO & President.
  • Supports CEO & President in coordination of all activities and processes required to manage and supervise direct reports (SVP’s; Executive Assistants).  Coordinates all Global Exec Team meetings and activities of GET, provides minutes and follow-up management.  Facilitates the evaluation process of all direct reports to the President.
  • Supports all board related events and activities (RBC, DHP, Foundation, Canada boards and the Finance/Personnel/Audit Committees) – to include support of and the administration of the annual Board calendar of activities and communication with board members; all support requirements of Board chairs and committee chairs, minutes & follow-up.  Is responsible for the development of all board books and the implementation of content presented to the board.  
  • Is responsible for managing the Board Advantage online board management system.  
  • Supports the coordination of all Board meetings and the production of all Board Meeting books/presentations, keeping of all required corporate records, and all communications to board members, minutes & follow-up.  Is responsible to develop board book agenda and required elements, and coordinate with Executive office and Global Leadership Team.
  • Supports the CEO & President in the creative development of all communications required by or of the CEO & President. Provides liaison support to ODB organization/staff/the Board of Directors, and outside contacts & organizations.
  • Provides assistance and administrative support in coordination of calendar, projects, tasks, meetings, minutes contacts, and assignments.  
  • Serves as host for all guests or partners and liaises with appropriate personnel to plan and coordinate visits.
  • Provide travel coordination as needed for CEO & President, and also Board members. Supports GET members in travel coordination of GET meetings abroad..
  • Coordinates and administers assigned team meetings, All Employee Meetings and any resulting follow-up activities.

Study or Knowledge and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field preferred.
  • Four years of professional administrative experience.
  • Strong demonstrated computer skills. 
  • Project Management
  • Professional demeaner and image
  • Organizational/time management skills.  
  • High degree of oral/written communication skills.
  • Strive to live a life consistent with Biblical principles and demonstrate continued growth and spiritual development.


Internal Work Environment:

Internal communication will require discretion and professionalism. A high degree of confidentiality and tact are required.


External Communication Requirements:

Represents assigned Executive and the ministry when communicating with ODB Ministries’ public, Board Members and other organizations. Topics may be sensitive.


Leadership Responsibility:

Required to oversee projects in support of the Executive. May be required to give guidance or direction to others.


Stewardship of Resources:

Responsibilities include gathering quotes, purchasing items, researching costs of specific projects, making recommendations on expenditures, etc.  


Miscellaneous Factors:

Regular international travel 

Based on biblical principles, our statement of faith and the richness of our organization’s history, we will strive to reflect our commitment to diversity by honoring the ministry’s mission, vision, values/ethos and guiding principles.


Our Daily Bread strives to embody a Biblically based commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

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