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Sermon Series: Critical Conversations: The Final Words of Jesus

April 19/20, 2014
Doubt | John 20:24-29
Jeff Manion

April 26/27, 2014
Restoration | John 21:15-22
Bob King (Cascade/Knapp Campuses) Dan Wright (Kentwood Campus)

Special Guest Speaker: Marvin Williams

May 3/4, 2014
The Word of God | James 1:19ff
Marvin Williams









Sermon Series

Sermon Series

At Ada Bible Church we group weekly teachings into a set called a Sermon Series.  Each weekly sermon is posted in video and audio format online, along with supplemental materials to help you grow.  Check it out!

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Next Steps

What we do at Ada Bible goes far beyond the weekend experience. We encourage you to take a step forward and get plugged in with our community. Find out more about how we can help you along your faith journey by clicking the link below.

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