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God Is In This Mess, and We Will Rebuild


Listening to Pastor Jeff bring the story of Nehemiah to life this past Sunday made me contemplate just how detailed God is in everything He does.

It isn’t an accident that this week’s sermon was on rebuilding because I find myself in a life-changing situation where I have no choice but to rebuild from shattered pieces.

I am leaning on God to help me get through each day.  And for the last several months, God has shared with me that He is writing a very important chapter in my life. And by no means is this chapter over. 

In fact, even though I feel like I have been living in this difficult time for years, it really is just the beginning of God’s rebuilding of my life. I say He is writing a very important chapter in my life, but the truth is God has already written this chapter.  He knows the outcome to this situation.

The rebuilding has been completed and it is glorious.

One problem: I don’t know what that restoration looks like. I am still just beginning to put one brick on top of the other with a heavy burden that seems impossible.  My task of rebuilding is daunting, but the burden that has changed my life course is the same thing that has brought me closer to God.

Never before have I felt God so near to me.  I believe Him, I trust Him, I feel Him, and I love Him. 

I’ve “known” truths about God before. But because of this trial, I now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He is indeed with me every step of the way. I know that He loves me.  I can trust—like Nehemiah did—that God is in this mess with me, and He will help me with the rebuilding project.

God has an eye for restoration.

I’ve come to look at my situation as my season of growth—not of destruction. As we have learned from Joseph in Genesis 50.20, what man means for evil, God means for good. This story of Nehemiah is another incredible example of how God can take something that seems impossible and turn it into a victory.

Maybe you are facing something where you can’t possibly see a way out.
Maybe you’ve planned to start a family, but God’s timing seems different from yours.
Maybe your child has turned away from God, and there is nothing you can do to stop their self-destruction.
Maybe your marriage is in ruins, and by all standards it seems beyond repair.
Perhaps you have been fighting a life altering illness…

Whatever you may be experiencing, God is looking at the completed project—after the rebuilding—based on his blueprint, his plans. 

As we rise up from the ruins around us and start laying one brick at a time, let’s remember that our God has an eye for restoration. His rebuilding is magnificent. It may not look like the project we started out building, but God, the great Architect, has a perfect plan.


Stacy HunterStacy Hunter | nursery
Stacy Hunter serves as the nursery coordinator at Ada Bible Church. She is learning to adjust to life as an empty nester. Her three daughters are scattered across the U.S. so she has beautiful spots to visit!  She and her family love to travel.

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  1. Jeff Belmonte #

    Dear Sister,

    I still recall our conversation in the mall, and it reminds me of how the Body of Christ is so amazingly put together and how the Spirit makes it all work! It was a privilege to be able to have that talk, and I am so thankful you took the time and cared enough to ask the questions you did, and listen to the answers I gave, and let me do the same. You have always cared for me, and my family, well. Thank you for that!

    As Jenny and I think of you, we pray that you will continue to remember that you have everything you need for the journey! Your courage and compassion served you, and me, well that day – I believe it will do so in the future as this story unfolds.

    Jeff Belmonte

    September 18, 2013
  2. Doug Redford #

    Thank you, Stacy, for writing. Your post should be mandatory reading at least once a year. Every follower of Jesus will find themselves, at many points in their journey, in a “rebuilding” mode. What you’ve written is both a great encouragement to those who are currently “rebuilding” and great preparation for those whose rebuilding is just ahead.

    The challenging part of the process, at least for me, is to see how God uses my rebuilding for his glory. He promises that this is what he is doing, he has not promised that we will know how he is doing it. Like so many things in this journey, it comes down to faith and trust.

    Keep following and keep trusting.

    September 18, 2013
  3. Molly carlstrom #

    Thank you for sharing in this blogspot. Often times our rebuilding is not by choice, I understand it takes courage either way. Hoping to get to the “bottom” soon so that I have no choice but to rebuild. Thank you for speaking truth into my life this summer.

    September 18, 2013
  4. Anneke Huisman #

    Thanks you Stacy for sharing,

    As a writer, whose family is also re-building right now, I like to tell my husband : As Christians we have already read the last page, and is has a happy ending – we just need to get there, one page at a time. It has been finding the patience and the faith to endure “one page at a time” that has been difficult. It has also been a struggle to find the trust to say “you’ve written it, I have faith it will be good.” I have to just keep telling myself daily – “one page at a time” – you can’t see the next page until you have gotten though this one.

    September 19, 2013

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