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When God Moves


I am very excited for the upcoming series at Ada Bible ChurchWhen God Moves is a series on the wild movement of God after the resurrection of Jesus.

It’s all about how the Holy Spirit moved in the early days of the church to continue what Jesus started.

How familiar are you with the Bible’s teaching about the Holy Spirit? This series might be perfect timing.

It is a sad reality that the Spirit is often described as the silent member of the Trinity. We live in a “church-growth” crazed world today, and in many churches, the Holy Spirit is largely ignored. Perhaps they want to keep from offending seekers who are wary of “Spirit” talk (many people think of the Holy Spirit as a ghost at best and a tool for the pastor to manipulate at worst).

The crazy thing is that the Spirit’s work in our hearts is THE way seekers become followers (Titus 2.5)!

Where would the church be without the Holy Spirit? Without conviction, guidance, urgency, life, and mission. Sadly, we ignore the Spirit at our own peril (see Luke 1.35-41; 4.1-2, 14; the whole book of Acts, John 14.15-17, 25-26; Galatians 5.22-26…and that’s just for starters).

The culture that surrounds us is starved for God, and I am convicted in my own life to seek out the prompting of the Holy Spirit for direction, wisdom and insight.

The Spirit is indeed silent—if we are unwilling to listen.

God forbid.

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